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5 Signs You're Ready to Free Your 'Badass' Self

There was a time in my life when - emotionally - I felt like a bird in a cage. I knew I had wings. I knew I wanted to fly, but it seemed like invisible bars were stopping me from taking flight. No matter how hard I tried, something was holding me back from being who I wanted to be and living the life I truly desired. I felt stuck, frustrated, and yearned for a change.

Looking back, I see that that feeling was actually a sign that I was ready to make changes, open the door of my imaginary cage, and fly! I was all set to free my badass self! I have to admit, this is easy to say now, but I was not so sure back then.

Still, I looked at the signs, and let me tell you one thing: if you ever felt this way, you might be closer to a breakthrough than you think.

It is time for you to start paying attention to these signs because no matter how uncomfortable they feel, they are pointing you in the right direction. Want to know what the 5 Signs You Are Ready to Free Your Badass Self are? Just keep reading!

#1 You are Tired of Hiding in the Shadows:

If you feel like you have been playing the supporting role for too long and want to allow yourself to step into the spotlight, even though it feels scary, you are ready.

There is more to you than what you have been sharing with the world, and you know it. That means it is time to let your true self shine. Do you want to know something? I would love to witness it!

#2 You are Done Playing Small:

This is where you say enough of holding yourself back, playing it safe, and settling for less than you deserve. You have been limiting yourself for far too long because of fear or doubt, but enough is enough. You are reaching a point where fear is not a good enough reason not to free yourself, so you are ready.

You may not know the answers or exactly what to do, but it does not matter because you are ready to stop playing small and start living large.

Since you have made that decision, trust that you will find the tools and strategies to change your mindset and remove blocks around that.

#3 You Want to Let Go of Past Trauma:

Even though you have already done some or a lot of work to heal from your past, you feel like there is still a part of it playing in the background, and you are ready to address it.

Your whole body is eager to take the next step in your healing journey and release the last residues of pain and trauma that are keeping you from living freely and joyfully.

And you are on the right path here; part of being completely free is letting go of harmful past beliefs and limitations.

#4 You are Ready to Set Healthy Boundaries:

Setting boundaries is a task we all dread, especially if you have been through traumatic experiences. Thinking about it makes us want to crawl into a cave and only come back once everyone starts respecting everyone and their energy and time.

But well... We all know this is probably not happening, and it is up to you to set those boundaries.

If you want to protect your energy, prioritize your needs, and build stronger, more respectful relationships by setting healthy boundaries, I know you are ready to free your badass self.

#5 You Want to Live a Life Aligned with Your Values:

Compromising and settling for situations that don't align with our true selves can be heartbreaking. Actually, every time we feel misalignment it is most probably because we're not honoring ourselves and our values somehow. Some people don't even notice when that happens, but that doesn't apply to you.

You have tasted the consequences of not honoring yourself and your values, and now, you want to do differently. You desire to make choices that resonate with your core values and live a life that feels true to you. 

Your determination to live authentically and make choices that reflect your true self is exactly what's going to help you tap into your inner badass and set yourself free. 

And I am here to support you every step of the way! That's why I created my 5-day Free Your Badass Self Challenge, a free live experience to help you stop hiding in the shadows, become more confident, and create the foundation for your dream life!

If these signs resonate with you, it is time to take action. Do not let another day go by without stepping into your true self, into your true power. Join our Free Your Badass Self Challenge here and let's make magic happen.

I can't wait to see you see you inside!

Lots of love,



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