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These Productivity Hacks will keep you going

If you want to improve our productivity, there are a few things you must know before jumping into action. It is necessary to understand what productivity is, and you have got to get a productivity tool that suits your needs. For starters, I advise you to take a look at my previous two posts, where I talk about "5 things no one told you about productivity" and "The best productivity tool", I hope it helps you with that. The third step on your way to productivity consists of setting yourself up for success, with these 10 hacks:

  1. Set intentions for what you want to achieve. When you set an intention, you are telling yourself: here is what I want to happen! And most of the times, that's what happens. Want to be productive? Start your day by setting exactly that intention. Visualize your productive self going through a perfect and productive day and enjoy being the productivity master of the day! You will have to do this every day, at the least for the first couple of months.

  2. Have a motivational quote where you can see it. I know this one is cliché, but why not try it and see it for yourself? The secret is to have a quote that means something to you, that speaks to your heart and soul. A quote that inspires you not when you are motivated, but when you are about to quite. Choose words that make you want to do something!

  3. Have a vision board next to you, to remind you of the why. We all have a why. And when we are working on something for a while, we tend to forget our "why". A vision board will give you the motivation you need to stay on track.

  4. Set the mood for whatever task you are doing. Play some music, lights, silence. This one is easy peasy. We all know that some of our tasks are boring or unpleasant. And sometimes we are just not in the mood, but we have to do the thing. Would you believe me if I told you that right now I'm listening to "Juicy", by Doja Cat? Yap, sometimes you need that beat to write fast!

  5. Use "good triggers". Yes, triggers can be good! Have you heard of that? You can use triggers to your advantage. It is a simple method. Here is an example: "From now on, every time I open my laptop, I will smile and take a deep breath." That's a great trigger, don't you agree? You just have to decide that something will trigger you positively. It may be getting into a room, answering a call, reading an email and so on.

  6. Prepare things in advance, so when you start, you don't have to worry about minor things. This one is a must. If you want to be productive, you have got to plan things in advance, always. Go further. Prepare your clothes, maybe the food you will eat or the tools you are going to need tomorrow. This is all about you helping yourself. So, what can you do today, to make your life easier tomorrow?

  7. Track your progress. Once you decide what you want to achieve and what productivity means to you, it is a good idea to track your progress, at least monthly. Tracking helps you know where you stand and it is also useful to spot any room for improvement. Plus, if you are staying on track, it is a great motivation tool. It makes you want to keep going!

  8. Celebrate every time you achieve something, does not matter how small. You don't need to throw a party every time you finish a chapter of your book but you should definitely celebrate it! Why? First of all, you deserve it because you achieved something. Second, you are signalling your brain and telling it that this is what you like, this is what we are looking for. And your brain is going to say: "Uh, I like that! Let me find ways of achieving more things!"

  9. Instead of working non-stop until you feel drained, take short breaks. Maybe look at your social media for a bit. Make it official: "I'm taking a break, and I'll check Facebook and Instagram." Then, go back to work. There is no need to feel guilty here. Rest is as important as working hard.

  10. Fight procrastination with Mel Robbins 5 seconds rule. I absolutely love Mel Robbins. I love what she says, I love her videos... I love how practical she is. The thing is, sometimes we just need to kick our own butts and do it anyway. That's what the 5 second rule is about. You count backwards from 5 to 1. Once you hit one you do the thing. No questions asked. Well, no time to second guess yourself. That is all we need at times.

There you go. You are now officially ready to become a productivity master. Use all tools wisely!




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