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Purpose (It is not what you think)

Find your purpose, they say! Is purpose this elaborate dream we should all have, or is it something simpler?

I have this natural tendency to reach out my hand and try to help everyone. Most of the people around me already know this, and the ones who don't know can sense it from miles away. Without even noticing, they will display their entire lives in front of me and we will end up looking for answers.

This goes so deep into my soul that I basically embraced it and accepted it to be my purpose in life. But I realized one thing, not long ago. This purpose can not be fulfilled if I get lost in the way if I do not take good care of myself. It is not possible to fulfill the purpose if my soul is not even present.

So, I've decided that the most important purpose of them all, the one that will help me do what I came here to do, is to take care of myself first and make ME happy, in order to be in my optimal state and actually enjoy life. Then I can help others and move mountains and be a warrior and so on. Also, I want love to be the energy to guide me. Not obligation, not "it is what it is"... none of this.

Just LOVE. I want love to dictate what I do, especially self-love because that's where everything starts. And I want happiness to be my motivation. I have discovered that when this is the case, life just can't be better.

Love and light,


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