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Just life being constant

When we suffer, we sometimes think that it is going to be like this forever, but

one day the pain will fade away.

I woke up today looking for the pain, but it wasn't here anymore. I wonder where did it go, why did it leave me so soon. I expected it would stay for a while, allowing me to feel sorry for myself just a bit more but it went away. 

Now I have to go live my life and be happy. It is so scary, thinking about being happy and taking the risk of seeing happiness say goodbye as well. What should I do, be neutral? But who wants to become an automated robot? This life got me dancing some weird songs lately, but you got to do what you got to do. 

The only thing guaranteed in this life is change, that's the only constant. But as the old man in the tale says: Good or bad, who knows.

Thank you for joining me on my personal journey.




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