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Powerful Strategies to go Next-Level without Sacrificing Self-care

Do you believe that to be successful and take your life to the next level, you must let go of self-care? 

That used to be me not so long ago when I'd fall for this idea that working hard is a rule of thumb for a successful life, and if you're not successful yet, it's because you didn't sacrifice enough.

Argh, non-sense! Nowadays, I completely reject that idea. 

As a survivor of trauma and abuse who needs to take care of her mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, I refuse to keep buying into the hustle mentality. It does not work for me. 

All I can say is the more I go up on my own version of success, the more I realize that not only self-care is something we should do but also a determinant factor of true success. 

With that said, we all know how difficult it can be to juggle going after your wildest dreams and being able to stop and prioritize self-care once in a while. 

That's why in my last post, I shared with you 3 of the best strategies I'm using this year to take my life to the next level without neglecting my self-care, and today I'm sharing two more that made a huge difference in my next-level life. 

Setting Proper Boundaries 

When you set boundaries, you ensure you take care of your well-being while creating space for your next-level life. Not to mention, you have more energy for what (and who) matters. 

We all know we should set boundaries, but most of us fail to set them, or if we do, we miss the most crucial step: attaching a consequence for when people don't respect our boundaries. 

I'll write a post soon on the roadmap to setting boundaries, so make sure to subscribe to the blog to get a notification once the blog post is on! 

Get into the habit of asking for help

Okay, let's address the elephant in the room: Asking for help is brave, not weak. 

After years of not being able to ask for help, ever, I realized that not being able to ask for help is a trauma response or an ego issue (or both). 

And if you're trying to go next-level in all areas of your life, you've got to learn to ask for help in the areas where you lack expertise, whether we're talking business, life, or something more specific. 

So, are you ready to level up without sacrificing self-care?

Remember to pair these two strategies with mindful discipline, and a clear plan to achieve your goals, and let your calendar show that self-care is your priority. 

If you want to take your life to the next level without neglecting your well-being, book a free Empowerment audit with me here to get 1:1 personalized support! 

I can't wait to see you succeed from the inside out!

Love and light, 



Psst: Want to hear me talk about this topic? I got together with Kiki Tyler, a Spiritual Marketing Coach to have a conversation about it! Click here to watch the replay on Instagram.


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