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'The only way out is through.'

The Healing Breakthrough program is about helping people who've been through tough times find their way to healing and happiness. If you've experienced trauma and want to break free from its grip, you're in the right place!


Embrace Your Opportunity for Transformation:
Break Free from Old Patterns and
Past Trauma through coaching, yoga, mindfulness & meditation!

Start Fresh and Build Your New Life !

At Akire, we understand the importance of taking care of your entire being. We believe that true healing involves more than just addressing the mind. Our approach is tailored specifically to cater to not only your mind but also your body and soul, ensuring that you receive the holistic care you need to achieve optimal wellness.

Is The Healing Breakthrough Program Right for You?

  • Tailored for Thriving Survivors: If you've faced trauma and are eager to move forward, this program is designed to guide you towards a brighter future.
  • Letting Go of the Weight: It's time to release the burden of past trauma and embrace the freedom to create a life filled with positivity and growth.
  • Embracing the Present: Say goodbye to constant worries as you learn to be fully present in your own life, savoring each moment.
  • Shedding Shame and Guilt: Through healing, you'll find the strength to shed the heavy layers of shame and guilt, allowing you to step into your power.
  • Breaking Limiting Behaviors and Beliefs: Say farewell to those behaviors and beliefs that have been holding you back from reaching your true potential.
  • Ending Cycles of Dysfunctionality: This program provides tools to break the cycle of dysfunction and abuse, fostering a healthy, positive path for yourself and future generations.
  • Genuine Happiness Awaits: Discover how to truly experience happiness, cultivating a life where joy and fulfillment are your everyday companions.
  • Crafting Your Peaceful Journey: Create a life of peace and tranquility, fostering a joyful existence that radiates positivity to those around you.
  • Taking the Next Step: When you're ready to elevate your life and embrace transformation, this program is here to help you heal, grow, and flourish.

Here is what you'll get:

8-week online, holistic healing and wellness program

1 Live group session every week

1 private session that you can book at any time during the process
+ 1 follow-up group session 15 days after the end of the program

+ Access to wo
rksheets and prompts for healing and wellness  

Chat support in between sessions

I know life after trauma can feel heavy, like carrying around a backpack full of rocks. But guess what?
You don't have to carry that weight forever.

I'll take you through different steps, teach you techniques, and share practices that can help you heal, grow, and find joy again.

If you're ready to start a new chapter, one where healing and happiness take center stage, I'm here for you.

Drop me any questions here!

We're re-opening in March 2024!

Join the waitlist to be notified when we re-open, or book a call and save your seat now for the next Healing Breakthrough program edition!

Thanks for joining the waitlist for the Healing Breakthrough Program! As soon as we open the spots for our next re-opening, we will let you know!

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