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Transformative Deep Dive Empowerment Session for Survivors Ready to Thrive!

I believe you have the power to transform your life completely. Want to know how I know this?

As a survivor, you overcame unimaginable obstacles before.  And that's a clear sign you can overcome whatever you're struggling with right now. 

There is power within
you! It's time to take charge of your healing, and let nothing stand in your way! 

Let's EMPOWER you!

Are you ready to do the work?

The Deep Dive Empowerment Session offers a transformative experience that goes beyond coaching:

It focuses on one specific topic so you can have an overwhelm-free healing and personal growth experience;
It helps you get to the root cause of your problems, and create a solution;
It provides you with tools to overcome the obstacles you're facing;
You will finish the session with an action PLAN, so you can continue the work.

Are you ready to dive deep?


Focused Topic Transformation:

Concentrate on one specific topic that matters most to you, allowing for a deep dive into its complexities.


Personalized Assessment:

Receive a personalized assessment of your current situation.


Strategy Development:

Collaboratively develop a tailored strategy for empowerment and growth, aka the ACTION PLAN.

Overcome Recurrent Obstacles:

Gain tools and insights to overcome recurrent obstacles.

The Deep Dive Empowerment Session is tailored just for you.
Choose a topic that resonates with your heart and start moving toward long-lasting healing and personal growth!

Here are some examples of topics you can bring to the session:

Boundary Setting:

Break free from limitations by mastering the art of setting healthy boundaries. Empower yourself to navigate relationships with confidence and authenticity.

Implementing Self-Care Routine:

Transform your life by embracing self-care practices that nurture your mind, body, and soul. Reclaim your energy and discover the joy of prioritizing yourself.

Building a Morning Routine:

Start each day with purpose and intention. Craft a morning routine that aligns with your goals, setting the tone for a daily life filled with positivity, productivity, and a more centered and grounded self.

Regulating Emotions:

Connect to your emotions and explore techniques to help you navigate and regulate them effectively. Learn to access, process, release, or embrace emotions. Feel more balanced and in control. 


Build up Self-confidence:

Break free from self-doubt and embrace the authenticity that comes with true self-assurance. explore personalized strategies and actionable steps to cultivate a strong sense of self, allowing you to navigate life with confidence, clarity, and a renewed belief in your own capabilities.


It doesn't matter where you come from, how old you are, or your current situation... You can free yourself! My clients have been doing that, and I believe you can do it too.



How Does the Deep Dive Empowerment Session Work? The Deep Dive Session is a 90-minute, 1:1 coaching session where you'll dive deep into one particular topic. During the session, we will assess your current situation and dive deep into your topic of choice. I will provide you with tips, tools, and strategies to help you overcome it, and at the end of the session, we will co-create a plan for you to continue the work. What Specific Topics Can I Focus on During the Session? The more recurrent topics are setting boundaries, learning to practice self-care, boosting confidence, and creating healthy routines and habits, but you can bring a different topic to the session. Remember, the session is tailored to your own unique needs. Is the Session Suitable for All Trauma Survivors? Yes. As an abuse and trauma survivors coach, I am honored to work with you, no matter what trauma you've been through. All survivors are welcome to explore and deep dive with me. How Long Is the Deep Dive Session? The session lasts 90 minutes. What Is Included in the Black Friday Special Offer? The Black Friday Special includes a 30% discount over the normal price of the Deep Dive Empowerment session. You will be saving 75€. The normal price is 250€, but until Sunday, December 2nd, you'll pay 175€. How Do I Book a Deep Dive Empowerment Session? Simply click on the "Reserve your spot," "Claim your spot," or "Book now" button. You can also go to to book your session directly. What Privacy Measures Are in Place? All our conversations are confidential. I will ask for a review or feedback, but you can leave an anonymous review like some of my clients do. Are There Any Follow-Up Resources or Support? At the end of the session, we can explore ways of continuing the work together, but I will check on you a couple of weeks after the session to know how you're doing. What Happens if I Need to Reschedule or Cancel? Cancelling and rescheduling must be made up to 24 hours before the session. If you cancel within this time frame, you will get a refund. How Do I Pay for the Session? After you go through the scheduling process, you'll be redirected to a payment page. I accept payments through Wise, but you can also make a bank transfer. You'll find all the details on the referred page. What if I Have Additional Questions or Concerns? If you have any questions, concerns, or difficulties booking, paying, or finding a time that suits you, please email me at

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