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Erika Sardinha: Certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Blogger.

Founder of AKIRE

Hello beautiful soul,

Welcome to my webpage, and thank you for wanting to know more about me and my work.


For you to get to know me, you would probably need a tour of my past. Let me just tell you that I have looked trauma and abuse in the eyes. Luckily enough, with tears and tools, I overcame it all.


Before I started my healing process, this looked impossible to me. And that was only about 6 years ago. Now I've made it my mission to let you know that you can also find peace after trauma, and live happily. 

Let me start over: My name is Erika and I help abuse and trauma survivors go from living a numb life to actually feeling happy and empowered!

Are you ready to let go of the past and break old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs? 

It does not matter what you have been through, how old you are, where you came from or how long you have been trying to heal.


It is not too late. You can still live a peaceful and joyful life!



Erika is an amazing coach. And she'll help you through the journey and give you lots of support, loads of resources, loads of activities to complete and it's really useful to change your perspective in terms of your emotions and how you deal and respond to situations but also process things that have happened in the past and set yourself free from things that are holding you down that you need to get out of your system so you can live life to the fullest (...)


She was a person who gave me a lot of inner peace and well being. Her way of approaching things to improve your lifestyle is really positive.


It was wonderful! An excellent professional. I learned a lot about myself that I didn't know and grew from that learning. The structure set by Erika was essential, and it was clear how the job was well done on her part. Now I'm getting the goals I set and everything is coming together. Is it amazing!!

I'm very thankful.

Let's connect!
Email: * WhatsApp: 0034 632218658

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