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Erika Sardinha: Certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Blogger.

Founder of AKIRE

Hello beautiful soul,

Thank you for wanting to know more about me and my work.


For you to get to know me, you would probably need a tour of my past. Let me just tell you that I have looked trauma and abuse in the eyes. Luckily enough, with tears and tools, I overcame it all.


Before I started my healing process, this looked impossible to me. And that was only about 6 years ago. Now I've made it my mission to let you know that you can also find peace after trauma, and live happily. 

Let me start over: My name is Erika and I help thriving abuse and trauma survivors reconnect with themselves and their emotions, and find true happiness and fulfillment in life.

Are you ready to start experiencing lasting
happiness and fulfillment? 

No matter what obstacles you've faced, your age, background, or progress in your journey toward healing, you can achieve a joyful and fulfilling life. 
With adequate support and resources, this goal is absolutely within your reach. 
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