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Domestic Violence is not their Business, it is OUR business

Beautiful soul, before you proceed, I must let you know that this post contains accounts of a violent event. The first part is as raw as it gets because I wrote it on the same night it happened to get it out of my chest.

Breathe, proceed with caution, and know I am here for you.

These topics may be tough to swallow, but I believe we must talk about them to reduce the violence that surrounds us in this day and age.


Tonight I'm enraged, frustrated, and angry. As I write these words, a young man is lying on his bed, tears running through his eyes after being brutally beaten by his father.

Luckily, the screams, the insults, and the violence stopped when the police came.

Things also got calmer for me after the police went to my family's house almost two decades ago, and that's why I summited all the courage I had to dial the emergency number today. Even though my hands were shaking, my heart was pounding, and my breath was short.

Faced with such a violent situation and in fear that my young neighbor's life was in danger, my despair made me open the window at 3 am and scream at the top of my lungs for the man to stop and the woman to refrain from putting the boy down and making him feel even worse, saying things like "I'm not sorry for you, you are fine."

I was astonished by my courage to take action even though all my triggers went on at the same time, but unfortunately, I was equally surprised by the general inaction of my community!

I wonder, couldn't they hear the boy's cries for help?

Couldn't they listen to the loud and vicious insults coming out of that man and woman's mouths?

I am sure the whole building could hear what was happening, but nobody showed up or did anything. No one called, nobody opened a window, nothing!

What is going on, world?

We all know the source of violence. There is this saying about "hurt people hurting people." We all know it's true. Violence is predicted - and to a certain extent - accepted, even though we have laws and values against it.

Now, my question is: What is so wrong with us that after millennia of existence, we are still tolerating violence right next door?

I learned from experience that knowing is not enough. We have to do something with that knowledge. In these situations, pick up the phone, call the number, offer help, make some noise, or report. We need urgently to let go of old ideas that propagate violence within couples and families. If violence happens inside my neighbors' homes, it is not their business. It is our business too. Mine, yours, and society's business.

It may be scary to do something. But imagine how terrifying it must be for the person on the recipient end of violence! There are ways to (safely) support victims of violence. So if you have a chance, please don't look the other way. It will make a difference. I promise you, it does. It has been about two weeks since I made the call, and I am happy to say that after the police visit, at least the physical violence has stopped. And I am hoping it stays this way.

Yes, I've been eavesdropping, don't judge me. 😅

Love and light,


Your healing and wellness coach

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