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3 Signs You’re Ready to Take Your Life to The Next Level

After quitting my teaching job mid-year last year, I spent the second half of 2023 testing the waters and getting used to my new reality as a full-time entrepreneur. It felt equally freeing and scary, but I made it through. I got to the end of the year feeling like I accomplished something, but I could not help but think about what was yet to come. 

Before the year ended, I gave myself time to disconnect from everything and spent some time in nature and silence. My higher self was screaming at me: "I am ready for the next level of my life!" And I could feel it in my bones. I knew I was ready. 

But you may ask: 'Erika, how do you know you're ready? I mean, really ready?' 

For me, there are three signs that tell you everything you need to know. Do you want to know what they are? Just keep reading; you will find them below.   

Sign #1 : You're 'done, done.'

When I say 'done, done,' I am not talking about the level one kind of done. I am talking about the 'I can not take this poop anymore' kind. If that's where you are, you better start planning your journey to the next level of your life.  

Because when you are 'done, done,' you only have two options: to stay miserable or to do something about it. It is that simple. Sorry for the tough love here, but I had to. 

Go do your thing; you got this!

Sign #2 : You can’t stop thinking about it.

We all have brilliant ideas about how we want our future to look like. We imagine different things in distinct moments of our lives, but sometimes, there is this one thing we can not stop thinking about. 

If you can't stop fantasizing about what the next level of your life looks like, it is time to start acting on it because you are ready. 

These thoughts usually come with a rush of energy or a spark that comes and goes depending on how scary it sounds. Do not let fear stop you from taking your life to the next level. 

If it scares you, you are probably going in the right direction. 

Sign #3 : You’ve been doing the inner work.

If you've been working on your healing and personal growth, don't be surprised if you develop a strong desire to change your life and take it to the next level.   

As you heal and grow, what you really want comes to the surface, and you start seeing how worthy you are of living a happy and fulfilled life. You become more confident, you open yourself up to different experiences, and voilà; you're ready for the next level of your life. 

If you said yes to at least one of these three signs, you are definitely ready to embrace your next level life, and I would love to help you with that! If you're up to it, send me an email at, and let's talk about it. 

I can not wait to see what you create in 2024.  

Happy New Year! 

Love and light, 



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